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How to Face Swap for Free Online

Sign in with Basedlabs (Google)

Click on the “Swap Face Instantly” button, you’ll be prompted to sign in using Google, courtesy of Basedlabs. Pick the Google account you’d like to log in with.

Upload Your Photos for Face Swapping

In the ‘Base Image’ area, upload your original photo. Next, in the ‘Target Image’ section, provide the photo that contains the face you want to use for the transformation.

Hit the ‘Swap Face Instantly’ Button

Simply click ‘Swap Face Instantly’ and let the AI work its magic. Your new image will be ready in just a few seconds.

Instant AI Face Swaps

Our AI face swapper tool makes it easy to swap faces seamlessly, whether you’re adding sunglasses or navigating tricky lighting. It leaves no trace of editing, ensuring a realistic outcome.

  • Seamless results
  • No editing traces

Quick Meme Creation

Stand out on social media with our face swapping tool. Upload a photo and effortlessly swap faces with anyone to create entertaining, funny memes. Share these with friends for a good laugh. Give it a try and let your creativity shine!

  • Effortless fun
  • Shareable laughs

Become Anyone

With our face swapper tool, you can transform into anyone you like—your favorite celebrity, pet, or friend. Just upload your photo and watch as the tool swaps faces perfectly, producing hilarious and entertaining results. Share your transformations on social media and amaze everyone with your creativity and humor.

  • Endless possibilities
  • Hilarious outcomes


Frequently asked questions

How do I use the face swap tool?
Simply upload your photo and choose the face you want to swap with. The tool will automatically perform the swap for you.
What file formats are supported by the tool?
Our tool supports multiple file formats, including JPG and PNG.
How long does it take to swap faces?
The face swap process is quick and typically takes just a few seconds to complete.
Is the face swap tool free?
Basic features are available for free. We also offer premium options for more advanced editing capabilities.
Can I use the face swap tool on my phone?
Yes, our face swapper is compatible with both desktop and mobile devices, allowing you to swap faces on the go.
Is my data secure when using the face swap tool?
Yes, your photos are securely processed and are not stored on our servers to ensure your privacy.

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